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Brazil - Rosa Morena - Osar Roaster

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Brazil - Rosa Morena - Osar Roaster
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The Rosa Morena crop that needs no introduction
You'll enjoy this crop in milk drinks incredibly
Your cup of milk drink made with Rosa Morena yields notes of cocoa, caramel and roasted almonds.
Is it possible that if you serve a flat white to one of your guests or friends, they will ask you what did you add to the cup? From the power of cocoa, caramel and almond notes that will be evident in the cup
And if you like to prepare it as a plain espresso, you will get an espresso drink with a full texture and a nice acidity that will make your day more beautiful.
As for Al Drib, it is very suitable for people who do not like acidity and want a special drink, whether cold or hot
The Rosa Morena crop that you can consider as the joker crop that wherever you want it is beautiful with you
So much so that we wrote lyrics waiting for someone to sing them for this special crop
But it is enough for you to play the most beautiful melodies by preparing it the way you like it
At Assar Specialized Coffee Roastery, we have been keen to offer you distinguished crops
Rosa Morena comes to you from the famous Mogiana plateau and Cerrado Mineiro
Rosa Morena features notes of flowers, sweetness, cocoa and caramel
It is preferable to use it for espresso and milk drinks, and you can drink it filter and it will give you a beautiful cup
It is very suitable for people who like the classic taste and people who do not like acidic and high fruit
Its taste with milk is beautiful and distinct, and it clearly shows the classic taste of Brazilian crops, which is characterized by the flavor of nuts and chocolate
Coffee Specifications:
Processing: Dry. This process is characterized by bringing out the beautiful characteristics of the coffee
Country: Brazil
Region: Mugiana
Height above sea level: from 800 - 1200, of course, the higher the height of the coffee trees above sea level, the more dense and stronger the coffee will be in terms of hints, and the more beautiful it will be
Indications: sweetness - cocoa - flowers and the intimations are the things that come to your mind when you taste coffee
Roast date: February 22, 2023


Grinding Coffee Without Grinding or Espresso or V60 or Chemex or Aeropress or Cold Brew or French Press
Size 250G

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