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Ethiopia - Chelchele - Osar Roaster

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Ethiopia - Chelchele - Osar Roaster
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Crop "Sultana" from the State of Costa Rica This crop comes to you from the Casa de Berda farm located in the Tarazoa region of Costa Rica Casa de Berda is owned by the Aris family and named after three large cave-like boulders near the farm Gerardo Ares oversees the planting, harvesting and processing of the Casa de Berda farm Gerardo grew up among the coffee trees and used to spend his summer vacation near the Three Rocks and enjoy playing by the river Gerardo is the fourth generation of the Aris family who founded this farm Gerardo worked hard and diligently to improve the production of coffee from the Casa de Berda farm, and he obtained a certificate of accreditation in processing from the International Organization for Specialized Coffee. He was also keen to develop his tasting skills, as he obtained a certificate of coffee quality assessor from the Coffee Quality Association And when the love of coffee meets science and knowledge honed by experience and practice, we will always get distinguished results Fully ripe coffee cherries are picked and collected by hand, and then the low-density cherries are discarded after being placed in water. The coffee cherries are then dried on raised beds (African beds) to dry The drying process takes approximately thirty days The Costa Rican sultana crop is characterized by its fruitiness, which tends to red fruits, where you will enjoy the aromas of peaches, nectarines and red apples. Sultana's produce will add sweetness to your day Enjoy making it with filter tools And in espresso, you will get the full body that espresso lovers are looking for Coffee Specifications: Processing: dried Country: Costa Rica Region: Leon Corts - Tarazzo Breed: red catwee Height above sea level: -1300 - 1500 meters - Of course, the higher the height of the coffee trees above sea level, the more dense and stronger the coffee will be in terms of notes, and the more beautiful it will be. Suggestions: nectarine - red apple - red fruits and the overtones are the things that come to your mind when you taste coffee Roast date: February 22, 2023


Grinding Coffee Without Grinding or Espresso or V60 or Chemex or Aeropress or Cold Brew or French Press
Size 250G

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